Daft Punk : Digital Love

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Endorphins are stupid...

Endorphins are stupid. The happy chemicals in the brain have no ideology, they respond to the dumbest triggers possible. It has, however, long been thought that in order to become a well-adjusted human being, it is not socially responsible to pig out exclusively on dumb pleasures like chocolate, porn and sugary pop. A major reason Daft Punk continue to get such respect while releasing easy endorphin-squeezing tunes like ‘Digital Love’ is that they’ve let everyone know about the presence of ‘conceptual trickery’ in their work. Which is good news for them because it means they get to make inanely happy, Lionel Richie-gone-robopop tunes that please idiots and ironists alike. What’s not so good is that their Franco-spun pop cheese plays right into the hands of entertainment corporations who’ll be powermarketing nothing but DP-style formulas forever until some kind of serious punk comes along and blows it away.Roger Morton