Zero 7 : I Have Seen

If you can have string heroes, then Zero 7 are they...

Who would have thought that where once stood the nation’s axe heroes, feet apart and fingers flying, there now sit legions of string arrangement heroes, earnestly programming cyber-Burt Bacharach approximations into their crack software. If you can have string heroes, then Zero 7 are they. A remix of Radiohead’s ‘Climbing Up The Walls’, two EPs and the chilled and gorgeous album ‘Simple Things’ have given Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker a reputation as classy post-Air producers, and ‘I Have Seen’ further confirms their tasteful pop abilities. With the sage-like enunciation of singer Mozez adding distinction, the tune grooves on a super-elastic bassline. But it’s the double key-shifting strings that make it special; hovering and then soaring up out of the dreamy summer moodscape. Suave lounge pop, with skylights in the roof.

Roger Morton