Union Underground : Turn Me On Mr Deadman


Roaaaaaaaaaaaar! Could it be the use of child soldiers in Africa that’s made Union Underground angry? Maybe it’s the daily carnage in Israel or the spread of AIDS in the Third World. Hang on, it seems frontman Byran Scott is bellowing over updated Megadeth metal riffage on account of the armies of idiots following millionaire rock stars. Perhaps, then, if these Texas power plodders tap the vacuous rebellion nerve in enough middle-American teens and become millionaire rock stars themselves, they’ll give all the cash to charity. Otherwise it’s hard to think of even a micro-justification for their existence. The parameters of rebellion must be tighter in Texas, but not tight enough to excuse hoary old thundergod metal from S&M gonks with Alarm hairdos. Satan does not wear black leather: he wears khaki cottons. Fact.

Roger Morton