Mis-Teeq : All I Want

New single can't compete with their breakthrough 'Why?'...

Ignore the Sunship Radio edit. Why? Because it lazily copies the tempo of the Ignorants? remix of Misteeq?s career-breaking hit, ?Why?? In all honesty, this single is operating under the shadow of ?Why??: the girls? vocals have become pinched and whiney, and the Sunship Radio Edit only adds to the ?too much treble? arrangement. Avoid.

All of which makes The Ignorants? Remix shine like a rapper’s gold front. It’s not that it’s startling in its construction – it’s not – but more so that it doesn?t try to make the song anything more than it is (which is rushed). There?s even a tidy little rap in there to boot too. As occurs on the Blacksmith R&B Re-Rub which is too long and therein shows off the song?s real weakness – it’s not a patch on ?Why?? and shouldn?t have been released unless it intended to better it.

Soul mama