R Kelly : Fiesta

Unifying R&B from the king Kelly...

Let’s cut to the chase. The original version of this song is [I]nothing[/I] more than r&b that ‘s been influenced by Ricky Martin. But then busting through the door with his crew comes Jigga (Jay Z) toughening the maiden effort with a lumbering bass, Kelly’s surly delivery and Jay Z‘s authoritarian delivery.

This is beach barbecue music (that’s assuming you live near a beach that isn’t as filthy as the ones in the UK, with sand, not pebbles, where people won’t try and bum-rush the event and eat all your food and touch up your cute cousin and her crew who are profiling in their itty, bitty thong-tha-thong-thong-thongs). The mood of the remix is undeniably carnal, lyrically nonsensical… great flirt music in fact, the sort of music that makes chicks fling their heads around like they’ve got long hair or seductive, long eyelashes, the sort of music that makes guys bob their heads like their a background member of the Wu Tang – unifying r&b in fact. All hail king Kelly.

soul mama