India.Arie : Video

Currently on tour with Sade, India.Arie releases smart debut single...

Sanctimonious or bathed in pride? Either/or is how you can take this, the debut single from India.Arie, a down-home, au natural soul singer, signed to the home of soul, and current US touring act with Sade.

If you’re looking for basslines, slang and nastee-ass booty talk, look elsewhere, for this is song of pared-down self-examination. It’s a clarion call for all of you who believe that by looking and thinking and acting different to all else that your individuality (cos, honey that’s what it is) renders you [I]”not your average girl on the video”[/I].

Indeed, Arie’s anthem resounds with the weight of a perceptive self-help pamphlet and the warmth of your mother’s hug which means that if you already know who you are, where you’re about and where you’re headed this isn’t for you. But if you’re someone prone to self-doubt, if you hate the way you look based on your comparison to others, then you need to listen to this, your inner voice. And Arie’s sure as hell given good voice to it.

Soul mama