Usher : U Remind Me

...he has no idea about the ladies...

Relationship counselling for Mr Usher! The 22-year-old might

be a film star, Grammy nominee

and the proud owner of a chest that could cut diamonds, but Christ, he has no idea about the ladies. [I]”Gotta let you go!”[/I] he whickers over the pleasing

calypso inflections of this R&B relationship panic, informing

some poor girl that they’ve

got no future together because

she resembles a woman he once knew. A woman who was – somewhat agriculturally – [I]”sexin’ everyone but me”[/I]. Hardly romantic catnip, but then such woeful ineptitude is just the

thing to get impressionable

female fans thinking they could – yes – [I]change him[/I]. Too late. He might be classy, but that just means his baggage comes in genuine calfskin. Victoria Segal