Matchbox 20 : Mad Season

Sounds a bit like Pearl Jam doing Bon Jovi

Here, in three minutes, you have the answer to the perennially puzzling question of why British bands never truly do well in America. Matchbox 20 are one of the biggest bands around there, selling over 11million copies of their debut album, winning Grammys and regularly being chased down the street. Charming singer Rob Thomas was even named one of the world’s ’50 Most Beautiful People’ by [I]People [/I]magazine. In the UK, he’s better known as the voice of Santana’s hit, ‘Smooth’. And this attempt to improve their status over here merely sounds a bit like Pearl Jam doing Bon Jovi; earnest and stadium-ready, with a nice big chorus and the prospect of a guitar solo at any minute. We’ve taken your burgers and your sitcoms, America, but you’ll have to do better than this to make us take your rock stars.

Siobhan Grogan