Dandy Warhols : Godless

Mission to become the 21st century's psychedelic rock band continues apace...

And so The Dandy Warhols’ mission to become the 21st century’s psychedelic rock band continues apace. Although the apocalyptic guitar opening sounds as if they might launch into a

Black Sabbath effort any moment, they soon slip easily into an acoustic strum and the muffled crescendo of trumpets (this week’s instrument of choice, worryingly enough) repeating the main

hook over and over. Courtney Taylor’s whispered, sometimes sinister vocal is still the band’s trademark, though; taunting yet seductive, while perfectly offsetting the brilliant, sprawling Massive Attack remix on the B-side here. They turn The Dandy Warhols into the seedy, off-kilter monster they’ve always been

in Courtney’s dreams. And that’s as hard to resist as he hoped it would be.

Siobhan Grogan