Troy Scalpels : I Must Not Spit In Class EP

UK freestyle champ in 2000, Scalpels could be another contender for Britrap crown...

Named UK National Freestyle Champion in 2000, Troy Scalpels has demonstrated his ability to let words run into each other and be as imaginative as possible in the smallest space of time. He’s been seen as a high hope for UK hiphop, but what’s more interesting is the breadth and scope of the Londoner’s obsessions.

If you skip past ‘Wrap ‘Em Up’, which is a typical first-person list of threats to rival MCs, and fully accept his vocal mixture of Cockney and patois, then you’re in for a treat of sorts. ‘Scar Tissue’ hooks up a downbeat minor-key melody to a tale of the rapper forseeing his own death; ‘Statistic’ is another battle rhyme full of graphic and violent imagery; ‘She’s A Star’ celebrates teen mothers in a sad manner and the unbelievable true-life tale, ‘It Happened’, describes a horrific club scene.

There’s a realism here and a kind of cultural achievement as well, in the way Scalpels speaks from a point of view that is often discounted, muted, or dismissed.

Dele Fadele