Sisqo : Dance For Me

Mr Thong returns with a less-than-satisfying plea for you to get a-shimmying with him...

You’d better be up on your urban dance moves for this one. For this track – the first release from Sisqo‘s forthcoming album, ‘Reurn Of Dragon’ demands you shimmy-yah all the way.

And frankly, that’s the only thing going for it. The beat. Liberally sprinkled with some of those Latin vibes and reflecting Sisqo‘s nastee man commands that you ‘dance for me’ (like you’re his private dancer). However, repeated listens clearly illustrate the single’s failing: that it was written by Mr Thong in just 20 minutes and is littered with embarrassingly obvious rhymes and utterances.

Over time you’ll come to realise that ol’ sissy isn’t actually making that much lyrical sense, is squandering the potential and power of his (often ignored) voice, which is so strong and deserves better material. But in the sunshine such concerns mean nothing, since this song will be huge. But as yo’ mama says, just cos it’s big, it doesn’t mean it’s clever. And this is dumb-ass r&b all the way live.

Soul mama