Avalanches : Frontier Psychiatrist

A hilarious tale of an expelled schoolboy...

It’s a horribly wanky thing to say, but you haven’t [I]really[/I] heard The Avalanches until you’ve heard them mash up your favourite tunes in their audacious magpie style. Since this is only possible if you get your mitts on the ‘Gimix’ bootleg (which boasts a soundclash of Madonna’s ‘Holiday’ with Bob Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’) or see them DJ (which since they live in Australia isn’t an everyday occurrence), chances are you’re only getting half the picture. But ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ is a brighter half-picture than most manage with the whole gallery; a hilarious tale of an expelled schoolboy, told through samples, the best of which is an aghast shrink exclaiming, [I]”You’re a nut! You’re crazy in the coconut!”[/I]

Alex Needham