Wyclef Jean : Perfect Gentleman

"Just 'cos she dance the pole-pole/It don't make her a ho, no"

[I]”Just ‘cos she dance the pole-pole/It don’t make her a ho, no” [/I]Wyclef helpfully explains on this admirably un-lecherous ode to a lap dancer. Its tale of rescuing a stripper from her life of bumpin’ and grindin’ and offering her a new start in [I]”Me-hee-co” [/I]is hopelessly corny, but at the same time kind of sweet compared to the way these beleaguered ladies are usually treated in hip-hop records. What’s going on? Well, since the incredibly mild booty-shaking rhythm appears to be set to the tune of The Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Go West’, maybe the guy in the song is only a perfect gentleman in the sense that Brian from [I]Big Brother[/I] is…

Alex Needham