Cast : Desert Drought

This sounds even more dated than Cast's nutrient-free jangles of old.

Patently good intentions, as ever, but John Power’s desperate attempt to update chirpy Scouse-rock for the 21st century (and save his record contract, probably) are botched by the fact that the bandwagon he’s chosen to jump on is big beat. Cast’s efforts – the flutes, the loops, the full-bodied backing singers – to sound like

a Fatboy Slim remix from 1998

are harrowingly frenetic in themselves. In the midst of it all, though, Power is still playing opaque shaman, sealing ‘Desert Drought”s status as best comedy record of the week. [I]”The way some people operate”[/I], he reveals, [I]”they spend their time promoting counterfeit that’s fake”[/I]. Top marks for tautology, but this sounds even more dated than Cast’s nutrient-free jangles of old.

John Mulvey