There are "Eleven 'fucks', five 'shits' and three 'niggaz'...

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Olivia : Bizounce


Olivia : Bizounce

Of course, it used to be all chundering guitars and rancorous shouting round these parts. Now we can’t move for glossy Ramp;B. It’d be nice to buck convention and reveal that the latest hard-talking, hard-styled woman off Ramp;B’s infinite production line was all generically correct image and no content. As it is, the truth is more predictable. Olivia’s ‘Bizounce’ is, well, great, administering a steely boot to a crap lover in the tradition of TLC, Kelis, Eve [I]et al[/I]. Olivia’s twist, however, is to present

a vicious kiss-off as a boudoir come-on.

At the heart of this sultry, skittish Ramp;B baroque, there are “Eleven ‘fucks’, five ‘shits’ and three ‘niggaz’,” as the press release boasts adolescently. But it’s Olivia’s ruthlessness rather than her vocabulary that’s the real knockout: [I]”Shoulda known what you missed at home/Now you’re all alone with no-one to bone”[/I], she coos, sugary and snide. The radio edit, incidentally, has so many censored words that it sounds positively avant-garde.

John Mulvey