Nikka Costa : Like A Feather

Excellent ballsy soul from one-to-watch Costa...

This isn’t funky. Its funkaaay. And UK soul listeners have the advantage over their US counterparts of not having had this chugging slice of funk soul forced down their throats as it was in the US as part of Tommy Hilfiger’s ubiquitous Y2K TV advertising campaign.

Frankly, it’s not hard to like this. That’s not because Costa’s a D’Angelo-affiliated singer (same independent label) or a songwriter with a healthy respect forPrince. But because ‘Like A Feather’ is a strong debut single with balls. It possesses an attitude without having to parade itself as a diss anthem. It’s got weight not because of the size of its bass, but because a band created it, and it’s one of those ‘love yourself and it’ll all come good’ anthems.

Ain’t it nice that all these famous people care about ya? Although her album, as a whole, delves further into the land of rock than into soul, ‘Like…’ is proof of where, and how, she got the balance just right.

Jacqueline Springer