O-Town : All Or Nothing

The most exciting boyband in the world release Jim Steinman-sized ballad extravaganza...

Ladies and gentlemen… the most exciting boyband in the world! (because those rumours about 911 reforming are still unconfirmed).

Exciting because Jacob has taken the art of being the weird, moody, nail-varnished one to new extremes. Exciting because you don’t have to pretend that Ashley Angel is gorgeous (those eyes could melt chocolate!) Exciting because Dan is such a perfect frontman it seems incredible that Pearlman ever considered not having him in the band (and even more incredible that he WAS considering having Bryan in the band!) Exciting because Trevor is furry and Erik Estrada has the same name as the star of ’80s motorbike-cop show ‘Chips’.

O-Town are the most exciting boyband in the world right now because ‘All Or Nothing’ is so darn good. Westlife should ask some serious questions because their regular writer Steve Mac has given his all on this one. It’s a mighty Meatloaf of a ballad that could jerk tears from the hardest of hearts. Lou Pearlman may not know much about sensible diets but he knows how to make a band.

Timothy Mark