Tweenies : Do The Lollipop

Is it Hear'Say in disguise? Who knows? But what we do know is this: Betty Boo is behind the whole thing. Brilliant...

Remember how The Chucklehounds were just The Chucklebrothers in dog costumes? Well, has anyone considered that the Tweenies might just be Hear’Say in whatever-a-Tweenie-is costumes? Okay, it’s unlikely (although one of the Wombles was punk rocker Chris Spedding and Rainbow’s Bungle was rumoured to be a member of Tears For Fears.)

The link between the two acts, however, is Alison Clarkson AKA Betty Boo AKA the greatest pop star this country has ever produced. Ms Boo, you may know, penned the lyrics for both of Hear’Say‘s chart-toppers and now turns her full writing talents to the Tweenies (basically the Teletubbies for children who’ve learned how to poo unaided.)

This is a tragic waste of Boo-ness. The trademark bouncy bass and housey pianos are all present on ‘Do The Lollipop’. The rap even features the line [I]”Do the do!”[/I] If only Betty were singing it herself (and perhaps if it weren’t about lollipops.) If only… It’s like finding out Jesus has returned but only for half an hour to visit a family friend.

Put away these childish things, Betty. We need you.

Timothy Mark