Ray J : Wait A Minute

He hasn't learned enough from his sister, but he's getting better...

He’ll always be Brandy‘s little brother, but records like this have nothing to do with the family affair eked out between the siblings on their previous release, ‘Another Day In Paradise’.

Yep, Ray J, whether he’s prepared to admit it or not, is making like Usher on this, the maiden release from his second solo album, and now that Usher‘s filling the ‘dance with me/flirt with /baby if you’re lucky you can sex me’ chasm left by Jodeci

(sure, the beats are different, but the messages are, essentially the same), Ray J‘s happily stepped to the plate, admittedly not to replace, but keen to become r&b’s new man-boy.

Does it work? Of course it does. Over an atypical – sorry that’s how it’s become, following their almost innumerable commissions – Neptunes arrangement, interspersed with an unceasingly amusing rap from Lil’ Kim, Ray J husks sexily about going into a club and getting his groove on. What he doesn’t talk about, though, is going home and getting laid (his voice sounds so lascivious it’s surely on his mind). But what causes concern is that repeated listens illustrate how weak the actual words a href=”http://www.nme.com/NME/External/Artists/Artist_Page/1,1226,140331,00.html”>Ray J recites are – this great slice of club-bound r&b is nothing more than stream of conscious utterances, albeit sexily done. Beats [I]and[/I] tune next time son, didn’t sis teach ya anything?!

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