J-Lo : Ain’t It Funny

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Play the J-Lo name game! It beats listening to this single...

They say Latin is a dead language (try telling that to the people of Lat.) But its music lives on. In ‘Ain’t It Funny’ Jenni has made a record for anyone who ever heard a song and thought ‘It’s nice but it needs more castanets and stamping.’

The passion and fire of the Latin temperament is distilled here in three and a half minutes of insipid drivel (four if you count the obligatory bit in the video where she stops and does a dance.) So, instead of listening to it or taking part in the well-worn ‘is her arse too big?’ debate, how about a game of name abbreviation (ideal for long car journeys or family funerals).

Simply take a celebrity name and needlessly shorten it in the style of Ms Lopez and her ex-boyfriend Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs (who’s already on his second attempt.) Here’s a few to get you started: Robbie Williams = R-Willy, Stephen Gately = S-Gay, Alan Titchmarsh = A-Tit. Come on, your go…

Timothy Mark