Got your freak on but couldn't stay the distance? Well, Missy's here to laugh at you...

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Missy Elliott : One Minute Man


Missy Elliott : One Minute Man

What’s the best way to get the biggest record buying demographic (teenage girls) on your side? Diss the men. The boys. It gave TLC their biggest hit. It made Destiny’s Child more than “that group from Texas, not Hi-Five, the girl group”. But Missy‘s always been a little different when she’s the same. So it’s not about dissing men who obviously earn less money than her and have less idea about where they’re going than her, so why not get ’em on the thing all women have experienced at one time or another – a man with no bedroom staying power.

However serious those with premature ejaculation or limp dick take such matters, matters nought here. This is jocular r&b humour to the fullest, complemented by a bouncy, sprightly tempo. The remix features r&b guest star rapper for hire Ludacris who further amps up the failings of the sads in the sacks with his bubblicious flow. Women eh, no sooner are they telling you to get your freak on, then they’re telling you you’re freak isn’t long enough…

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