Tank : Maybe I Deserve

Tank attacks! And it's like being slapped with a wet chamois...

His album’s called ‘Force Of Nature’. The force of nature that Tank’s comparable to – on the evidence of this insipid paean to being all weepily apologetic once the relationship’s dead, despite the fact that it’s dead ‘cos you got your kicks behind her back – would be one of those annoying drizzly days when it’s not raining enough to put your umbrella up but you still somehow manage to get drenched.

To a slow, drowsy backbeat and prissy piano, Tank does his sensitive “dude I understand why you’re being so [I]mean[/I] to me now, cos I was, like, really [I]stupid[/I] to cheat on you and stuff, and man I’m such an [I]idiot[/I]” schtick, and you gradually get four minutes older.

Maybe he deserves this. You don’t.

Christian Ward