A Camp : I Can Buy You

Taking time out from The Cardigans, Nina Persson unleashes a solo project even better than her usual fare...

It doesn’t matter how rubbish you think the currently dormant Cardigans are – you’ve still gotta, gotta have this record. A Camp – for those who haven’t read this week’s On section in detail – is the solo project of Cardies singer Nina Persson who has joined forces with Sparklehorse‘s Mark Linkous to record one of the coolest, most heartbreaking singles of the summer.

‘I Can Buy You’ documents that familiar moment in every relationship when one partner is forced to compel the other to stick around by giving them money. While for most, the realisation that money can indeed buy you love would be a source of some delight, wealthy songstress Persson isn’t so keen, and has written a beautiful country-tinged ballad that sounds like Nico from the Velvet Underground fronting the Eagles to prove it.

‘I Can Buy You’ is a desperate plea for truth and honesty in a society consumed by greed. It’s also the first truly great record of a career previously untroubled by genius. The best thing that money can buy this week by a country mile.

Jim Wirth