Sophie Ellis-Bextor : Take Me Home

The 'Groovejet' chanteuse covers Cher's classic to launch much-tipped solo career...

She’s short and she’s sweet-ah. Her mum was in Blue Peter. No-one was more surprised than NME when rhombus-headed popstress Sophie Ellis Bextor made a trip to the top of the charts with last summer’s sensation, Spiller’s ‘Groovejet’. After all, not only was she the veteran of one of the most dismal bands of her generation (theaudience) but, as we experienced more than once at close quarters, one of the most violently uncoordinated dancers in Christendom.

‘Take Me Home’ shows Bextor dodging her eventual destiny as a presenter of Tomorrow’s World with a tune that sounds like it fell off the back of the same lorry as Steps’ unnervingly good ‘Stomp’. “You deserve a girl like me,” announces Bextor. Why? What have we done?

Jim Wirth