Fun Lovin’ Criminals : Bump / Run Daddy Run

The Crims go queer...sort of...

With their career in mid-nosedive and only the occasional appearance avec Theakston and Ball on ‘The Priory’ to remind them that they still exist, the game is seemingly up for da Fun Lovin’ Criminals.

If any further evidence were required, behold this latest travesty of a double-sided single. ‘Run Daddy Run’ posits the theory that criminals, are in fact, very naughty men while ‘Bump’ – one of the most crucifyingly embarrassing records of modern times – describes Huey gettin’ it on (with girls, naturally) at gay clubs. [I]”I met the finest girl of my life that night – at gay night – it’s alright – don’t be uptight”[/I] he moans, as if to say in his no nonsense, New Yoik, ‘ah-wus-in-da-military’ way, “dese gays – dey ain’t so bad – as long as dey ain’t lookin at my ass, capiche?”

A touching sentiment, perhaps, but can you stop now?

Jim Wirth