Supersister : Shopping

Truly terrible follow-up to 'Coffee' sees Supersister attempt to set back the feminist movement about 30 years...

Lovers of degrading, misogynist rubbish should queue outside Our Price for this: an immortally crap ode to the thing all you girls out there love the most. Supersister come from the same sorry conveyor belt of naff brit-girl bands as Atomic Kitten but with this slab of sub-Geri Halliwell nonsense they are ploughing an entirely new trench of inanity in modern pop.

[I]”You know it really sounds corny, shopping really makes me horny,”[/I] coo da ‘Sista who will almost certainly be doing a PA at Monsoon Accessorize in Guildford by the time you read this. Incidentally, if you ever wondered why former Smash Hits editor and ubiquitous nostalgia show cue-card reader Kate Thornton is so fucking thick, it’s because she’s listened to shit like this for a living for the last decade.

Jim Wirth