Eve featuring Gwen Stefani : Let Me Blow Ya Mind

The self-proclaimed Scorpion and the face of No Doubt team up from some scorching r&b...

Compare and contrast with Supersister. One equates ‘girl power’ with the ownership of a Next store-card, one doesn’t. Suffice to say ‘Let Me Blow Your Mind’, is the real deal. A celebration of feminine strength and cool over one of Dr Dre‘s most minimal productions yet which should be about as huge as Bristol by the end of the summer.

Credible stuff then, but you can’t stop yourself from wondering why Interscope recording artist Eve chose washed-up, one-hit-wonder, No Doubt frontwoman and Interscope recording artist Gwen Stefani to provide the tune’s hookline. Answers on a… no, don’t bother.

Jim Wirth