Norken : East

...This could have been a surefire Single Of The Week.

If it hadn’t been for the bootlegging genius of Girls On Top, this would have been a surefire Single Of The Week. Lee Norris is a massively prolific producer, making quirky Aphex-style electronica as Metamatics and bleepy glitch noises as Nacht Plank. And as Norken he lays down pure Detroit techno, although he cheerfully admits that he’s never been anywhere near the place. In fact, he lives down in rural Devon, but still somehow conjures up tracks awash in melancholic synths and beats made by robots on dope. On ‘East’ and ‘P-Fox’ his touch is delicate, like he’s let the music make itself. On the flip, Chamber – remixers of Depeche Mode’s ‘I Feel Loved’ – buff up ‘The Way’ with a proto-house sheen, although Norris’ Motor City vibes still shine through.

Kieran Wyatt