P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family : Bad Boy For Life

Single of the week - September 22nd 2001

Just to recap – some time ago, Puffy (as he was then) had a bit of bother in a nightclub. After a trial lasting the best part of six years, his mate Shyne went up to the big house and he resolved never to be bad again or to visit dens of iniquity. And if you believe that, you?ll believe anything..

In an attempt to evade authorities, Puffy has changed his name to Diddy and has started going back to exactly the same clubs as before. Now he releases this track explaining that he “ain’t going nowhere” because he’s a “bad boy for life”. And ? get this! – it’s great.

Diddy raps over a full-blooded bass rumble, throws in a few of his usual epic production flourishes (the cinematic car smash is particularly impressive) and suggests that though Suge Knight may be back on the prowl keen to resurrect the pomp and bombast of the west coast, he can simply ease up a gear whenever he wants. Conclusive proof , then, that he remains the daddy. Or rather, the diddy?

Paul McNamee