Backstreet Boys : Drowning

It's game over for the Backstreet Boys...

It’s game over for theBackstreet Boys. Their days of thunder are all played out. For in a world at war there can be no place for bad music. And this is very bad music.

There are many great love songs played on pianos, but this is not among them. It is the piano ballad to end all piano ballads. It comes from somewhere beyond the eerie, cold tinkle of ‘Candle In The Wind’, from somewhere far more gruesome. It is the final word in romantic self-pity and blustering cliche and as such it seals the Backstreet fate. There’s only room for one boy band in times of war – and that’s *NSYNC – so we must say bye bye to BBCheck yourself out of the AA clinic AJ, you’re gonna need to get your kicks whatever way works best from now on.

Ted Kessler