Blue : If You Come Back

Another drippy single from the boys in Blue...

In case you missed the full hilarious saga, Lee Ryan from Blue recently startled a ‘Sun’ journalist who asked him about the World Trade Centre bombing with the immortal words “Who gives a fuck about New York when whales and elephants are being killed?” He then went on to declare that this “New York thing” had been “blown out of all proportion,” rounding it off with the divine justification “I can say this because I’m the outspoken one in the band”. We would have offered some penetrating comment on freedom of speech and the vanities of pop stars, but we were too busy pissing ourselves. (Let’s face it – it beats ‘Bomb the Pentagon’.) Unfortunately for Blue, nothing they ever do is likely to match Lee’s remarks for entertainment value. Least of all this drippy single.

Alex Needham