Destiny’s Child : Emotion

Bee Gees cover from the Ladies...

And still the rocking Destiny’s Child bootlegs keep coming. The latest and greatest is an inspired mash-up of ‘Bootylicious’ and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ which you can hear at London nighterie Trash and which makes ‘Emotion’, the bona fide new Destiny‘s single, sound very tame indeed. ‘Smells Like Teen Booty’ (or whatever genius title they’ve given it) is like having wild, abandoned sex with multiple unsuitable partners in Beelzebub’s own disco. ‘Emotion’, a respectfully trilled of an old Bee Gees tune, is more like a chaste cuddle on the settee. If the Martians landed and asked to be explainedDestiny’s Child, you’d play them the bootleg, not this.

Alex Needham