Single Of The Week : Gonzales : Take Me To Broadway

The self-proclaimed King of the Berlin Underground. 'Take Me To Broadway' is gonna slay you...

y?’ure, it’s an over-used term, so brace yourselves. This is GENIUS! Chilly Gonzales is the self-proclaimed King of the Berlin Underground, a

Canadian-born, Jewish-bred supervillain rapper that describes himself as “a cross between Joe Stalin and Woody Allen”, believes music is a means of mind-control, and wants to get inside your head. He dropped the jaw-dropping ‘The Entertainist’ LP in 2000, a collaboration with a bunch of Digital Hardcore types, and no-one was listening.

There is, however, no ignoring the triumphant ‘Take Me To Broadway’ – a triumphant baroque-hop jam of digitized mandolin and bass-juddering lo-end, creamed off with a jabbering rap to die for: [I]”I got an extra testicle/But you’re skeptical about spectacle/ These days bad taste is so delectable/ And the crowd is so suggestible.”[/I] New York rap queen Princess Superstar might have matched his comical flow. Gorillaz might inhabit the same quirky, cartoonish avant-hop universe. But this masterful record plops Gonzales back at the top of the pile. ‘Take Me To Broadway’ is gonna slay you.

Louis Pattison