A chest-beating burst of apocalyptic stomp-hop...

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Adam F : Stand Clear


Adam F : Stand Clear

Jeez, you didn’t even have to be very good at that jungle lark to go onto great things. Just look atAdam F, who back in the late ’90s was a painfully-average drum’n’bass type that weathered, with sour face, a Biblical deluge of ridicule for being the stepson of Alvin Stardust. Now, after a second wigga epiphany, he’s returned with an enormously pompous rap record that thinks it’s Terminator 3. ‘Stand Clear’, though, actually ain’t bad: a chest-beating burst of apocalyptic stomp-hop, New York ghetto fellows MOP at the helm. They’ve never heard of Alvin Stardust, and they sound as hard as fucking nails. Adam F must be feeling particularly smug.

Louis Pattison