Staind : Outside

Another bombastic anthem from the mighty Staind...

A splendid video has been doing the net rounds recently, demonstrating that back in 1989, as Nirvana‘s ‘Bleach’ landed, Fred Durst was sporting a horrendous flat-top and dancing like an arthritic Vanilla Ice. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, he’s decided to bring us The New Grunge. Staind are his unholy vessel – self-appointed mentor Durst facilitated their record deal with Elektra back in the late 90s – and quelle surprise, they get it all wrong: ‘Outside’ is a dreadful record, bloated with humourless bombast, and squinting, through its shit-smeared spectacles, no further into alt-rock’s glorious legacy than Alice In Chains’ Greatest Hits. As a special treat, it’s also performed live, Staind ‘s be-capped mentor joining in on the sensitive chorus. “This is the real shit, y’all,” Durstshouts. That’s right,Fred , Absolute shit.

Louis Pattison