Lostprophets : Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja

This single ROCKS!!...

Six young lads from the Welsh valleys, plucked from the relative obscurity of the punk-rock toilet circuit by a slavering horde of chequebook-waving Yankee label bosses, Lostprophets are something of a refreshing surprise in a nu-metal industry that now seems to churn out countless new acts scented with the anodyne box-freshness of manufactured pop. They do look great, sure – innocent heartthrob punkboys with we-fuckin’-mean-it-man straight-edge crosses daubed on their hands and hiphop slacks slung – cor! – a few tantalising inches below their boxers. But ‘Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja’ sure rocks some, a super-melodic new-wave skitter creamed off with an absolutely immense hammer-it-home chorus. Package ’em right, and Lostprophets are going to be bloody huge.

Louis Pattison