Belle & Sebastian : I’m Waking Up To Us

Their best single since 'Lazy Line Painter Jane'...

Rum doings in the walled city ofBelle And Sebastian, where work continues on the soundtrack album for Todd Haynes ‘Storytelling’, even though the film’s out this week. In the meantime, ‘I’m Waking Up To Us’ is their best single since ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’, like how Love would’ve sounded if Arthur Lee had fancied himself as the new Dusty Springfield. It’s Shack’s willowy orchestral psychedelia with better table manners, then, and a touching tale of Stuart Murdoch being dumped for a younger man even though he’s been nice to her mum. Mercifully, his consolation comes on track two, ‘I Love My Car’, though the passion’s more influenced by Noddy than JG Ballard.

John Mulvey