DMX : Who We Be

Who he be?...he be crazy!

The strange depressed barking man of hiphop returns with an entertainingly mad inventory of bad things to be found in his neighbourhood. ‘Who We Be’ introduces
DMX‘s nature walks of the ghetto, exploring the habitats of roaches, rats, strays and cats, and ends with him singing along to a guitar riff like a funny old Metallica fan. True insight, though, comes with the verse, [I]”The snakes/The grass/Too long/To see/The lawnmower/Sitting/Right next/To the tree.”[/I] That’sDMX: afraid of no man but himself, afraid of no garden implement but the Flymo. [I]”This shit is crazy,”[/I] announces someone fleeing the building at the end. Well, quite.

John Mulvey