ARE Weapons : New York Muscle

Clomping electropop...

Not, sadly, a ‘What’s Goin’ On’ style tribute to the city’s firefighters, but clomping electropop celebrating the mean streets of New York circa 1980. ARE Weapons plainly aim to sound like they sleep in gutters, whore, deal drugs, gangbang and DJ at dangerous cocktail parties involving Sinister Queen Of The New York Night Chloe Sevigny, but still find time to document all the [I]”psychic sex and broken necks”[/I] on record. Hard to describe quite how bad, funny and horribly fashionable this record is, then; a bit like hiphop made by men who’ve never actually heard hiphop, but thought they’d be quite good at it. How terribly, terribly wrong they were.

John Mulvey