Roots Manuva feat. Chali 2Na : Join The Dots

To be honest, it just ain't good enough...

Whatever happened to Jurassic 5? Well, they produced a great debut, then the world of hip-hop accelerated so fast in the space of about 18 months that they just got left behind. Which is bad news for [a]Roots Manuva[/a] – here joined by Jurassic’s Chali 2Na – because this sounds really paltry, not only compared to a lot of rap around right now, but to the rest of the stuff off his pretty smart ‘Run Come Save Me’ LP. Like so much Brithop, it finds a groove – here a thudding spyfilm score-style march of brass and strings – and runs with it with barely a break in the flow. To be honest, it just ain’t good enough.

Christian Ward