Ocean Colour Scene : Crazy Lowdown Ways

Good to have you back fellas...

Alas poor Britpop, I knew thee well. Drinking warm beer with the bassist from

the [a]Boo Radleys[/a]. Sharing dreams and philosophies with Alan from Shed Seven. Aah, there were times

when you almost believed Bonehead could play a solo.

A welcome

return then, for the much maligned ‘Scene – the [a]Stereophonics[/a] of their day – whose combination of insane mod bluster feels

like a thing of joy compared to their surly replacements.

This time around the lads widen their horizons by turning their attentions to

the Free songbook, rewriting ‘My Brother Jake’

as part of their masterplan to dislodge the usurpers of their Bloke Rock crown.

Guitars howl wildly, distraught to be back in the arms of Steve

Cradock, England’s reigning Windmilling champion. Good to have you

back fellas.

Jason Fox