Faithless : Tarantula

Yet more horizontal lounge-soul for graphic designers...

Top of the range BMW’s glide effortlessly to a standstill on gravel drives in

deepest Umbria. Fashionably bedraggled couples canoodle over

pistachio nuts in pine-scented loft spaces on the Hoxton

borders. Yup, it’s [a]Faithless[/a], back with yet more horizontal lounge-soul

for graphic designers.

Unfathomably popular in the same way as the [a]Lighthouse Family[/a]

and the property ladder, [a]Faithless[/a], or so we are led to believe,

occupy a higher level of consciousness normally only attainable by Trappist

monks, yoga instuctors and viewers of ‘The Late Review’. What

this actually means is that we get a thumping drum track, some meandering

ambient keyboards and Rollo mumbling spidery extracts from his

diaries over the top of it. Sample lyric: [I]’Down in the shadows of your

deepest secrets/I sleep next to the precepts you hold most dear'[/I]. Arrgh!

So soberly self-satisfied it makes you want to strap yourself onto the front of

a speeding tank playing [a]Oasis[/a] at full-tilt whilst juggling live

hand grenades. Pays the mortgage, though…

Jason Fox