Chemical Brothers : Star Guitar

Really, really nice...

The other one and Dougal are back. While their short spell at the vanguard of the movement they called ‘indie-dance’ may have long since drawn to a close, the [a]Chemical Brothers[/a]

remain fiercely committed to making dance records for people whose idea of a club is something wrapped in chocolate with raisins in it. Snobbish abuse aside, ‘Star Guitar’ actually isn’t all that bad. It goes up, up, up, wiiinnnddddsss dooooowwwwnnnnn dramatically and gradually develops into the sort of blissfull Balearic bobbins [a]Paul Oakenfold[/a] used to slap on to the wrong side of rubbish indie records in the early 1990s. They won’t thank us for this, but it’s really, really nice.

Jim Wirth