Harcourt, Ed : Apple Of My Eye

It walks on the wild side of The Lighthouse Family...

[a]Ed Harcourt[/a] and [a]David Gray[/a]. They’re different, right? Because, like, one of them’s a lousy, wimpy, mums and dads singer for people whose idea of fun is renting a copy of ‘Friends’ Series Two from Blockbuster Video on a Saturday night and the other’s… hang on, where’s this argument going? Ah yes, the horrible truth. The only thing that differentiates the current slew of UK singer-songwriter types is the fact that [a]David Gray[/a]’s had a hit and the rest of them haven’t. ‘Apple Of My Eye’ is the other, other [a]Ed Harcourt[/a] song that sounds like [a]Ryan Adams[/a] sounding like Richard Marx sounding like [a]Elton John[/a]. It walks on the wild side of the [a]Lighthouse Family[/a] and – believe us – there are some mighty tough ‘hoods in Chiswick.

Jim Wirth