Puff Daddy : Diddy

...self-referential masterpiece of rhetorical underkill...

Sean Combs changed his name from [a]Puff Daddy[/a] to avoid sniggers from children in northern comprehensive schools or to pacify Puff The Magic Dragon’s lawyers, then his choice of ‘Diddy’ as workable alternative – the nom de plume of such genii as Radio Fab DJ ‘Diddy’ David Hamilton and the Diddy Men from that Ken Dodd song – remains titanically crap. Not that it’s stopped P from producing this self-referential masterpiece of rhetorical underkill. As the Neptunes once again stake their claim to minimalist production genius with an unforgettable one-note melody line, they chant [I]”The D, the I, the D, the D, the Y, the D, the I, the D, it’s Diddy[/I]”. Which, apart from anything else, it isn’t.

Jim Wirth