Mercury Rev : The Dark Is Rising

C'mon. It's January. What else are you going to buy?...

Ah yes, second-single-off-last-year’s-album time. The likelihood of ‘The Dark Is Rising’ – a swashbuckling unreleased soundtrack to ‘Mutiny On The Bounty’ by the sounds of things – finding it’s way to your local indie disco is so infinitessimally small you could fit it inside Fred Durst’s humility. That being said, big up to the Rev in the value for money stakes, cause at least they’ve tucked some ace stuff away on the B-sides, not least among them their interpretation of Black Sabbath’s ‘Spirit Caravan’ which sounds like an unlikely pairing of Fleetwood Mac and Larry the Lamb. C’mon. It’s January. What else are you going to buy?

Jim Wirth