Spears, Britney : Overprotected

Britney's decided that her childhood was crap after all...

Maybe life’s not quite so sweet as you’d think inside the golden dome of mega-wealth and mega-celebrity. In August 2000, [a]Britney Spears[/a] and her ‘mom’ Lynne Spears released their epic slushfest ‘coping with teens’ handbook [I]’Heart To Heart'[/I]. Within two years, Britney’s decided that her childhood was crap after all. “[I]I can’t help the way I feel because my life has been so overprotected[/I]” she snarls on this unusually vindictive day-glo disco stomp. Strange as it seems, while appearing on ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ and becoming the most famous teenager in the world, all Britney really wanted to do was “[I]make mistakes to learn who I am[/I]”. That’s right kids. Britney says it’s OK to lose your virginity at 11 and spend your teens snorting scouring powder. Well, more or less, anyway. Pass it on.

Jim Wirth