Hell Is For Heroes : You Drove Me To It

...a well-greased skateboard with a wheel missing...

The re-animated corpses of former Symposium people Will McGonagle and Joe Birch making a valiant attempt to claw metal back from the burger greased grip of our baseball hatted cousins. ‘You Drove Me To It’ has several rhinos worth of guitars and the appropriate reverberations of Slash from

[a]Guns n’ Roses[/a] on endless loop, apparently known in the trade as (don’t snigger) ‘taut riffage’. There’s even something approaching an anthemic melodic surge two thirds of the way through. As your Therapy?s of olde discovered it ain’t easy tying non-American tunesmithery to fisting guitar chords, because vocally speaking, if you’re not going to rap and your not going to roar like The Dark Lord having his finger chopped, you end up acquiring a hernia from all that straining against the (stop it) ‘taut riffage’. In a race against the abominable Bizkit this is a well-greased skateboard with a wheel missing.

Roger Morton