Soundtrack Of Our Lives : Infra Riot

Their Scandi Majesties, in regal form...

The far out but kicking phenomenon of living-legend Swedish riff beasts Soundtrack is either very brave or somewhat deranged.

Modelling yourself as a gonzo amalgam of all the greatest kick-ass’n’cosmic 70s rock’n’roll bands – they’re currently billed in the US as ‘The Worlds Greatest Living Rock Band’ – and then letting your grizzly bear front man dress in a kaftan and carry on like a cross between Jesus, an Egyptian Father Christmas and Brian Wilson is a substantial come on to the men in white coats.

What ‘Infra Riot’ confirms, however, is that singer Ebbot’s lust for pyramids and double tracked sitars can’t disguise the core brilliance of their delirious, storming, time bending rock. If sometime in the 70s, Julian Cope had replaced Jagger, this is what [a]Rolling Stones[/a] would have turned into. Their Scandi Majesties, in regal form.

Roger Morton