Alien Ant Farm : Movies

...the fetid scrapings from Papa Roach[/url]'s bell ends...

Guards! Look out! The Barenaked Ladies have broken into [a]Blink 182[/a]’s rehearsal room and they’re using all their ace chunky-chunk guitars to play one of their mimsy folk twat songs about wishing their life was a movie!

Oh no, my mistake, it’s nu metal [a]Westlife[/a] [a]Alien Ant Farm[/a] who, having already flogged their ‘ANThology’ album to 180,000 closet [a]Michael Jackson[/a] fans, are now reluctantly providing proof that, yes, they really are the fetid scrapings from [a]Papa Roach[/a]’s bell ends you suspected all along. Frankly any four ‘grungers’ plucked at random from Waitrose car parks throughout the Midlands and thrust into a studio with AAF’s producers could knock this out in under 15 seconds.

A tenner says these godawful, money-grasping, Satan-fellating chancers will be duetting with GGGGGareth GGGGGates come March.

Mark Beaumont